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Valentine's Day is a brilliant occasion loaded with hearts, chocolate, and blossoms. At the point when numerous individuals think about Valentine's Day that is the thing that rings a bell. Be that as it may, how regularly do we think about the genuine purpose for the occasion. How about we take a gander at the history behind Valentine's Day: who was St. Valentine, what did he do to wind up a holy person, and for what reason is the "occasion of affection" named after him.

St. Valentine is suspected to be a Roman Catholic cleric that lived in the third century AD and was martyred around 270 AD by Claudius II Gothicus, the Roman Emperor at the time. Supposedly, St. Valentine composed an adoration letter to the little girl of his corrections officer, with whom he had built up a companionship and developed to cherish, and marked it "from your Valentine." (1) Sound like a natural expression?

Today, Valentine's Day is commended on February fourteenth every year. The planning of the occasion has pretty much nothing if any association with St. Valentine yet rather to the Roman celebration of Lupercalia which the Romans customarily held mid-February. Lupercalia commended the happening to spring and as a component of the festival ripeness ceremonies were watched. Regularly people were combined off through a lottery. Pope Gelasius I renamed the celebration after St. Valentine in the fifth century, nonetheless, it didn't turn out to be broadly celebrated as multi day of adoration and sentiment until the 1300's.

The sending of Valentine's started a couple of hundred years after the fact around the sixteenth century and the welcome card industry hooked onto the thought regarding two hundred years after that. 

Regularly welcoming cards and other Valentine's will have pictures of Cupid, the Roman divine force of adoration, hearts, blossoms, or winged creatures. Intriguing actuality about feathered creature: many used to trust that February was the start of mating season for flying creatures and subsequently they turned into an image of the occasion of adoration.


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