Happy Women's Day Messages, Quotes, Wishes

Women's Day Messages, Quotes: The International Women's Day is being observed every year on March 8. It used to be known as the International Working Women's Day and this occasion is a remembrance of the episode in 1908 were 129 women died. It was said that these women are assembly line laborers who have been requesting better pay, shorter work hours, voting rights, and so on. To maintain a strategic distance from reputation, the proprietor of the industrial facility bolted them up and a fire separated which brought on the passing of the 129 women. To celebrate women’s day, send your mother, sister, wife or sweetheart and other extraordinary women throughout your life any of these happy women’s day wishes.

Happy Women's Day Messages

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Women's Day Messages

Today is your day. Along these lines, be happy and appreciate the day minus all potential limitations!!


Blessed was the day you came in my life. You improved my reality. Much obliged to you for being there. Happy Women's Day.

Dear Mom, you have dependably been there, at whatever point I required you the most. You have constantly guided me and demonstrated to me the correct way. Happy Women's Day dear mother.

Women are the encapsulation of mettle, trust, and life. Give us a chance to take a vow this present Women's Day that we will improve the world a much place for them.

You have dependable remained alongside me like a stone. You are my most noteworthy supporter and have constantly roused me. Glad Women's Day.

Each Home,
Each Heart,
Each Feeling,
Each Moment Of satisfaction is fragmented without you,
No one but you can finish this world.
Happy Women's Day

An excellent lady must anticipate being more responsible for her means,
at that point one less alluring.
Happy Women's Day

You should be glad today so make the most of your day minus all potential limitations. Happy Women's day!

In the event that Life is Rainbow,
You are distinctive shades of it
In the event that Life is Dark,
You are the trust of Light.
Happy women's Day

This is recently my method for saying that you are an exceptionally special Woman in my life! Thanks!

Simply needed to thank you from the base of my heart for all things you do!
Happy Women's Day!

On women's day, what would I be able to wish for, however the absolute best for you! Happy Women's Day!

Wishing you a day that is much the same as you… truly special!

Regardless of from which edge. I take a gander at you.

You give off an impression of being a point and Women's Day is the ideal to state: I am so fortunate to have you in my life.

A lovely woman, an awesome companion, and a superb mother.You are this to me and a great deal more… I feel so fortunate and glad to have a mother like you.

We will most likely be unable to see each other or hear each out other regularly. Be that as it may, musings of you fill my heart with affectionate recollections of the circumstances we have spent together. Considering you!

My reality is lovely as a result of you and I wish to spend whatever is left of my life cherishing you. I love you until the end of lofe!

happy women's day 2017
Happy women's day 2017

Each minute with you is: Magical! I love you!

Mind ness of your lips, the scent of your breath, the glow of your grip, being with you, feel like a fantasy… I love you!

Each minute with you is… Magical! I love you!

I make this to offer it to the most extraordinary lady in my life. Love you, mother!

An awesome individual and an incredible companion. It's a gift to have them two in you! An exceptionally Happy Women's Day to you!

This is recently my method for saying that you are extremely exceptional to me!

Together or separated, you generally stay in my heart!

Next to each other or miles separated, you are dependable at the forefront of my thoughts and near my heart!

To the woman of my fantasy: Thankfully in my life. I now in my arms.Happy Women's Day!

On this uncommon day, praise life.
Enjoy a reprieve from your bustling calendar.
Relax, have a ton of fun and do what your heart says.
Coz today is your day.
Have an incredible Women's Day!

For every one of the circumstances, you've brought a grin and made my days appear to be brighter.

For offering good and bad times to me and making my weights lighter.

For doing the minding things that make an exceptional companion. Your companionship is a delight.

I wish it never closes! Happy Women's Day
As the years progressed, I have imparted such a great amount to you, both astringent and sweet.

You have been such a solace to me, helping me all around, and all I wanna say today is: Sis, I prize you near my heart.

This is recently my method for saying that you are extremely uncommon to me!

Maybe I never say this yet I chase you wherever when I get myself alone...
Happy ladies' Day !!

Wish you an exceptionally happy women's' day!Its you who's having the effect in such a large number of lives furthermore, I am one of them.
Have a wonderful day!

happy women's day funny message
Happy women's day funny message

Happy Women's Day Greetings

  • At the point when the world was made, you were made to embellish it and you have positively made an incredible showing with regards to on the grounds that the world is grinning for you today.

  • On this International Women's Day, recall that as a lady, all life spring from you. So take a gander at the world and grin. For without you, there would be no life.
  • Happy Women's day! You should be glad today so make the most of your day without bounds.
  • Much obliged to you for you made me what I am the point of which I am nothing. You have cried with me when I cried, while you likewise grinned when I grinned. You are really a flawless partner for me and I recollect that you today since it's your day, glad ladies' day!
  • You've confronted misfortune through versatility and you have settled your issues by a method for a grin and you've clouded your tribulations in your heart. All I approach is for you is to be glad today, Happy Women's Day!
  • An agile lady gets quality from inconveniences, grins when troubled and becomes significantly more grounded with petitions and trust. Wishing you an extremely glad ladies' day, so be thankful on the grounds that today is your day!
  • Any woman can make satisfaction to sprout all over them, happy women’s day!
  • All your adoration and all you're minding ways are the primary reasons why my heart frequently considers you amid Women's Day festivity. So I'm wishing all of you joy and the world loaded with so much love!

happy women's day status
Happy women's day status

  • It's actual that behind each effective man is a lady who's really stretching out beyond him. So three cheers to the lady of tomorrow, happy women’s day!

  • I trust your day is loaded with the daylight and in addition blooms with happy musings, enough to fill the house, happy women’s day!

  • Each home and each heart. Each inclination and each snapshot of satisfaction are genuinely inadequate without you for no one but you can finish this world. Have an exceptionally happy women’s day!

  • I can't trust how time flies! Presently it's another ladies' day being with you! Appreciate this day, for you really should be happy!

  • I adore you regardless of what we have experienced. I will dependably be here for you regardless of the amount we contend in light of the fact that I realize that at last, you will dependably be here for me. happy Women's day!

  • In the event that God has not made you, then this won't be a cheerful world. happy Women's Day!
  • I wish you could see from my eyes the amount you are one pearl of a lady! happy Women's Day!

happy women's day poems
Happy women's day poems

Happy Women's Day Quotes

A lady's figure is unquestionably more precise than any man's sureness. Happy women’s day!


The historical backdrop of all circumstances and of today most particularly has shown that the ladies will be overlooked on the off chance that they additionally neglect to consider themselves.


What will men get to be without ladies? It will be rare, compelling rare.


A woman is much the same as a tea pack. You will never know how solid she is until she gets plunged into a boiling point water.

A delightful woman ought to hope to be more responsible for her means, than another lady who is less alluring.  


Being a woman is not a simple assignment since it, for the most part, comprises of managing men!


All around, moms are the main specialists who don't take general time off.


Regardless of my quite a while of research about a ladylike soul, I have never possessed the capacity to answer this extraordinary question – What will a woman truly need?

women's day quotes in english
Women's day quotes in english

The pity of a lady's development is that they won't permit the need of affection. In this way, I won't by and by trust any transformation wherein love is never permitted.

You should regard a woman at all circumstances since you can feel her guiltlessness as a girl.

A woman’s heart is so delicate, underhanded and beguiling. It's so sharing and pleasant. She is a woman, and she is life!

What truly rouses me of a woman is the way she deals with her own and expert life so well, so cap's set for all woman out there!

As a woman, dependably keep your thinks beyond practical boundaries and make your desires high!

A woman implies magnificent, exceptional, great, delightful and decent!

A woman ought to do what everybody can do and not what they are permitted to do.

happy women's day images
Happy women's day images

Happy Women's Day Wishes for Mother

You will dependably be the primary lady I will ever adore this much, happy women’s day mother!

Dear mother, you have everything in life to take the world on your walk! May you have a happy women’s day!

Hello mother, thank you for you have the tolerance to tune in and the quality to bolster me, happy women’s day!

A solid lady is both delicate and effective. Viable and profound, and that is what I look like at you mother. Happy women’s day!

Whatever you do, you need to do it with elegance, style, warmth and a grin! Happy women’s day mother!

The best thing about having you as my mom is that I am never shy of a companion, Happy women’s day!

Dear mom, may your sunny and excited soul be with you generally, Happy women’s day

A lady is loaded with a circle. Inside her is the ability to sustain, change and make, Happy women’s day, dear mother!

Your elegance and chipper nature are a motivation to me. May you have a brilliant women's day, mama!

happy vietnamese women's day
Happy vietnamese women's day

Wishing you a ton of satisfaction, today and for whatever is left of the year. Happy women’s day, mama!

Dear mother, I simply need you to know how lucky I wind up to be honored with such a brilliant mother like you, Happy women’s day!

In the event that roses are dark and violets are chestnut, my love for you will never be found. However, since roses are red and violets are blue, all I need to state is Happy women’s day to you, mom!

Much obliged mother for you made my life so exceptional. Here's wishing you a unique ladies' day loaded with so much love and joy. I love you, Happy women’s day!

The little things that you do certain matters such a great amount to me. Happy women’s day my darling mom!

Mother, I need you to realize that your embrace is the best solution in this world. Be glad since today is your day. Happy women’s day!

International Women’s Day
International Women’s Day

Happy women’s Day Messages for Her

Much obliged to you for being there amid the tears and obviously, the giggling. May you have a Happy Women's Day!

There is no other companion like you. You are so attentive and minding and I needed to thank you for making my life to wind up distinctly considerably brighter.

This is your day! So celebrate, in light of the fact that you should be cheerful!

Much the same as the blossom that holds its dew. You have hung on me when I required you. Much obliged to you. Happy women’s day!

We regularly leave our thankfulness and appreciation implicit. In any case, today, I need to accept this open door to state thank you and have a Happy women’s day!

This present ladies' day, you ought to accept this open door to remain tall since you genuinely are a unique lady in my life.

This life will have no presence if there is no partner of a lady in each phase of life – from being a mother to being a spouse and from sister to a little girl. Happy women’s day!

Sending you wishes to state that you bloom up the world at whatever point you are around me. Happy women’s day!

Sometime in the not so distant future, when the ideal time will come, I will wed a princess and make her be my ruler. Happy women’s day to you, my dear princess!

Much thanks to you for continually being there, through the great circumstances and the terrible, Happy women’s day!

There is no constrain proportionate to that of a decided lady like you, Happy women’s day!

You have everything in you and that is reason enough why the world is praising your day. So take after your fantasies, point high and reach for the sky!

Today is yours as is each other day. Happy women’s day!

You are a really extraordinary lady and I need you to know that you are so critical to me. Happy women’s day!

You should simply to grin and after that everything on the planet changes. What an awesome animal you are, Happy women’s day!

Happy Women's Day Messages, Quotes, Wishes


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