Samsung's new lead cell phones, the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge, are supposedly offering much superior to the organization's past era leader, Galaxy S5. Samsung listened to its clients who did clamored for certain progressions on the product front, and the modified and improved adaptation of TouchWiz looks more respectable and feels more smart than past era forms, which have frequently been faulted as being pompous and bloated. 

Get The Material Design Look For Galaxy S6

One element which was much sought after, is theming support, keeping in mind Samsung has consolidated that in the most recent TouchWiz Nature UX 5.0 found on the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, the topics accessible on Samsung's subject store may not as a matter of course be to everybody's enjoying, particularly in case you're a devotee of stock Android. So for clients who'd like to dispose of the TouchWiz UI to the degree conceivable and get a Nexus look and feel to your Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge, here are a couple of simple thoughts that can change the look and feel of your prized ownership.

Most importantly, you can simply download the Google Now launcher from the Play Store. That is the official launcher from Google which ships with Nexus gadgets, but on the other hand is accessible as a standalone application, to be downloaded and introduced on any gadget running on Android Jelly Bean or more. The launcher may not be the most element rich, but rather it's totally free with no limitation, and is the first and the greatest stride towards getting a stock search for your home screen on any Android gadget. The launcher additionally accompanies the ‘ok Google’ highlight, which obviously is Google's hot-word order for different errands.

Notwithstanding, as said above, there are not really any Material Design-construct subjects accessible in light of Samsung's topic store which accompany the look and straightforwardness of the AOSP outline dialect. While such subjects are accessible somewhere else, it would require root access on your Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. In spite of the fact that establishing your Android gadget is currently simpler than it has ever been, a great deal of clients may in any case be reluctant to root a fresh out of the box new gadget, generally on the grounds that bricking your telephone by messing around with its firmware essentially voids the guarantee in all cases. So for non-rooters, you can head on over to Samsung's subject store and download the "Urban" topic. It's not a Material Design subject, but rather will supplant the showy blue-and-white topic and supplant it with an all the more alleviating dim look. For the more bold ones, you can simply root your gadget with PingPongRoot and download the Material Design motivated topic for the handset, created by cambunch on XDA. The downloaded document can be then flashed onto your Galaxy S6 utilizing FlashFire or through a root record chief to physically duplicate records and change authorizations.

At last, you generally have the choice of downloading distinctive applications from the Play Store to supplant the default Samsung applications. They could be Google's own applications as found on stock Android gadgets, or they could likewise be from outsiders, if that is the thing that gets your extravagant. There are actually a large number of applications accessible for pretty much everything that you can consider including informing, dialer, visit, program, schedule, console, camera, exhibition, media – you need it, you got it on Google Play.

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