As Android makers are competing for users against each other by expanding the determination of PDAs, our cell phones are slowly loaded with a large number of enormous size photographs. It helps us keep valuable recollections plainly, additionally raises enormous hell when we need to transfer these a large number of pictures starting with one Android then onto the next, as Samsung Galaxy s6 edge, HTC Desire 526 or Huawei Mate S. I trust nobody might want to move them one by one by means of blue tooth or email. Here we are going to discuss how to transfer pictures from Android to Android in bulk

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How to Transfer Thousands of Photos from Android to Android all at Once

Part 1. Transfer photos from Android to Android with soft Mobile Transfer

Firstly, how about we acquaint an application with transfer pictures from Android to Android. This soft Mobile Phone Transfer is a professional software, focusing on the phone to phone information transfer. With it, you can transfer photographs, contacts, messages, call logs, music, videos, and so on between Android phones, as Samsung Galaxy s3/s4/s5/s6 and note arrangement, HTC, LG, Sony, Nexus, and Huawei.

Transfer photos from Android to Android with soft Mobile Transfer

1. Download and install soft Mobile Transfer to your PC.

2. Turn on USB investigating on your Android gadgets.

3. Associate two Android gadgets to PC.

4. Select the records that you need to transfer.

5. Click "Begin Copy" to start photograph transfer Android.

Transfer photos from Android to Android with soft Mobile Transfer

By the righteousness of its intense handling capacity, soft Mobile Transfer will complete the exchange inside minutes. soft will just make a duplicate of photographs to the destination gadget. The information on your two Android gadgets is totally protected.

Part 2. Transfer pictures from Android to Android with Google Plus

At that point, we come to Google service. As an effective cloud service, Google can reinforcement all information on your phone to its server. In this way, we can reinforcement photographs to Google + on one Android, then sign into Google + with the same Google account on another Android. Along these lines, we can transfer photographs between Android phones breezily.

1. Connect two Android gadgets to a network (Wi-Fi is suggested).

2. Download and install Google + application to the two Android gadgets.

3. On the Android that stores your photographs, set up Google account on Google + application, go to "Move down your photos" page and turn on "Auto Backup" It will take a while to go down all photos.

4. Sign into Google + on the other Android with the same Google account. Go to Photos area, and you will have the capacity to see the photographs that have been going down.

Transfer pictures from Android to Android with Google Plus

Syncing photos to Google server can be to a great degree helpful since you can access the information by signing in Google account on any cell phone. Be that as it may, people who consider privacy genuine are not prescribed to utilize it.

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