You can utilize Galaxy Note 5 themes to alter your Galaxy Note 5 and give you an absolutely new Galaxy Note 5. This technique will shows to you proper methodologies to utilize Galaxy Note 5 themes.

How to use Galaxy Note 5 themes

Most Android phones accompany merchant's one of a kind Android skin so you can without much of a stretch perceive whether the telephone is from Samsung or from HTC or from LG. Be that as it may, here and there, the phone might look exhausting. You might need to make your phone look changed.

Fortunately, in Android, you can utilize any outsider launchers on the off chance that you don't care for the default launcher. Some outsider launchers might likewise permit you to tweak some visual components and features in the launcher. Samsung now gives you the comparable choice to tweak the visual components of your Galaxy Note 5 through Galaxy Note 5 subjects.

What are Galaxy Note 5 themes?

Samsung initially themes  in Galaxy S6 early this year.

It is a standout amongst the most invited features in Galaxy S6 in light of the fact that numerous proprietors can get fancied look of the phone.

In Galaxy Note 5, Samsung keeps on supporting  themes in their TouchWiz skin.

Galaxy Note 5 themes permit you to alter the look of the phone interface through a format.

In past Galaxy Note devices, you can just change the wallpapers for the lock screen and home screen on the off chance that you are utilizing the default launcher.

This is considered as constrained customization which is accessible in all Android devices.

Galaxy Note 5 themes permit you to accomplish more. You can change the visual components of the Galaxy Note 5 home screen, applications screen, lock screen, application symbols, notice board, phone application, contacts application and message application.

If it's not too much trouble note there are 3 impediments for Galaxy Note 5 themes:

ü Galaxy Note 5 subjects won't include any new elements. Just visual components can be changed through Galaxy Note 5 themes.

ü Galaxy Note 5 themes can just adjust the look of applications from Samsung. For instance, on the off chance that you are utilizing your bearer's informing application, Galaxy Note 5 themes won't change anything for that application.

ü Galaxy Note 5 themes can just substitute the application symbols for applications that are from Samsung, Other application symbols must be enlivened, not supplanted.

The customization is through bundles (layouts) called themes.

Any designer can outline and discharge their themes to Samsung theme store. Presently, all  themes are free.

Subsequent to applying new Galaxy Note 5 themes, you can in any case further tweak the wallpapers for the home screen and bolt screen.

How to utilize Galaxy Note 5 themes?

To utilize Galaxy Note 5 themes, you might take after these steps.

Step 1: Return to Galaxy Note 5 home screen

Exit your current application by tapping back catch or Home catch (please check Galaxy Note 5 format in the event that you have questions on buttons on Galaxy Note 5).

Step 2: Enter alter method of Galaxy Note 5 home screen

Tap and hold any clear region on the home screen.

This will change your Galaxy Note 5 home screen to alter mode as demonstrated as follows.

Enter alter method of Galaxy Note 5 home screen

Step 3: tap Themes

Tap Themes as appeared previously.

Step 4: Choose themes

In the Themes page, you can discover the 3 pre-introduced themes: default, Pink theme and Space theme. This might be distinctive in a few areas.

On the off chance that you need to utilize Pink subject or Space themes for your Galaxy Note 5, you can choose them here. Both of these two Galaxy Note 5 themes are made by Samsung.

On the off chance that you need to pick different themes, tap Theme store as appeared previously.

As demonstrated as follows, there are numerous themes for Galaxy Note 5.

The significant issue of Samsung theme store is that you need to look to peruse all subjects. No hunt work, no genuine classes. Samsung most likely will include these elements later on.

Anyway, as of now, you need to look down to load more subjects.

In the subject store, you can include a theme store alternate way in your Galaxy Note 5 home screen with the goal that you can get to it straightforwardly from the home screen.

When you locate a fascinating theme for your Galaxy Note 5, you can scroll left or right to check the screenshots to perceive what it would seem that for lock screen, home screen,app screen, phone application, message application and the symbols as demonstrated as follows.

How to use Galaxy Note 5 themes
How to use Galaxy Note 5 themes

Step 5: Download and apply Galaxy Note 5 themes

When you choose to utilize the subject, tap Download as appeared previously.

You can check the advancement of the download as demonstrated as follows.

Once the new theme (space them for this situation) is downloaded, you will be demonstrated notice messages as demonstrated as follows.

Applying this theme will close all applications and unsaved information will be lost.

This subject incorporates sounds. Applying this themes will change the accompanying sound settings.

ü Touch sound

ü Dialing keypad tone

ü Console sound

ü Hard keys

ü The delete button

As Space theme incorporates customization of sounds, you will see the notice about sound settings.

For different themes that do exclude sounds, the notice message will be somewhat diverse.

Tap Apply as appeared beneath to continue.

It might take a couple mins to apply the new  themes. Be persistent.

Download and apply Galaxy Note 5 themes
Download and apply Galaxy Note 5 themes

Once the new theme is connected, you can quickly see the distinction as appeared previously.

As said, some application symbols were changed as appeared previously. Some non-Samsung application symbols get some enrichment.

Elective approach to get to Galaxy Note 5 themes settings

You can likewise get to Galaxy Note 5 theme settings in Settings—Themes.

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